Frequently Asked Questions

The STAR Class has been taught to children as young as age 2, and to young adults as old as age 19.

Class length can vary depending on how many children are in attendance, but on average, a STAR Class takes approximately 30 minutes.

No. In fact, the STAR Class has been used to teach children and teens attending services for parents, siblings, friends, classmates, and many other types of relationships.

The STAR Kit contains all the supplies necessary to teach the STAR Class. However, you may wish to have additional markers, crayons, scissors, tape, etc. on hand.

It is not necessary to have a playroom or children’s room to teach The STAR Class. Some Funeral Homes use an arrangement office or an unoccupied chapel.

The STAR Class teacher does not need to be a licensed funeral director. This is one of the reasons each STAR Kit includes an instructor manual. Any member of your staff who enjoys teaching others and providing support would make a great instructor.

It is up to each individual funeral home whether or not to charge their client families for The STAR Class. Most do offer it for free, as it provides a great competitive advantage for their businesses. Some only charge when there is a large number of attendees.